Small Things Are Powerful
in Fluid Power

Small Things Are Powerful in Fluid Power

Vision & Mission


Why fluid power?

Hydraulic technology is incredibly powerful and efficient where very large forces are required to be deployed. Hydraulic motor provides superior power density as compared to electrical motor, leading to weight reduction, which is especially important to airborne platforms.

Today the usage of fluid power exists mainly in heavy industry, and the weight of the hydraulic components is accordingly. Our vision is to enable the implementation of fluid power into new fields such as aviation, vehicle industry, and renewabl energy sector.


Our mission is to develop a new concepts using advanced technologies that will enable the implement of the great benefits of fluid power in new areas.

We are developing a Hydro-Mechanical CVT (continuously variable transmission) computerized embedded that allows us to minimize system components and operate it efficiently.

Use cargo drones for civilian and military missions is growing in recent years. Some of these cargo drones purposes include life rescue and Injured people evacuation (air ambulance), variuos battlefield missions, intelligence tasks, monitoring and borders survailence.

Increasing cargo carrying capacity of drones will extend the operation range and change dramatically the drones missions.


HK-CVT drivetrain Solution

HK-CVT is a novel hydraulic drivetrain system that enables the management of mechanical energy consumption generated by a given engine and its distribution to several end users according to the working conditions (torque and speed at any given moment).

HK-CVT act as Quasi Continuously Variable Transmission drivetrain with high mechanical and volumetric efficiencies.

The HK-CVT drivetrain benefits


High power density


Reduced total weight


Engine work at optimal RPM


Increased efficiency


Vibrations and noise reduction


Placement and configuration flexibility

IPR – HK-CVT Invention was official registration patent in US, and currently being PCT in Europe.


Aviation Industry

Hydro-mecanical powertrain for Multi-Rotor Hybrid Drone platrom

Our innovative is Hybrid Drone power-plant concept is based on micro-jet and/or internal conbustion engine (ICE) as the power source, integrated with HK-CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) hydraulic drivetrain to manage the drone propelers thrust according fligth conditions.

Our invention is a Heavy Drone platform with a carrying capacity of hundreds of kilograms.

The overall weight of a hydraulic hybrid Drone has dropped drastically compared to an electric drones with the same carrying capacity, this will lead to a significant improvement of fuel consumption and increased payload to power ratio.

Electrical power train systems come with two main limitations:

  1. low energy density of batteries compare to fuel energy density.
  2. low power density of electric motor compare to hydraulic motor (1:8).

both limit the flight range and payload.

The HK-CVT system allows engines operation around constant RPM at the highest engine efficiency. Engine operation near to constant speed contributes to the reduction of structural vibrations and fuel consumption, In order to maximize the drone efficiency and stability.

each rotor energy consumption is continuously monitored and adjusted depending on required power and speed, gross weight, altitude and other flight factors.

The HK-CVT system includes the benefits of independently electrical motor driven rotors with a highly reduced weight and inertia losses.

HK-CVT hybrid multi-rotors drone platform concept

Vehicle Industry

Hybrid Vehicles Industry Using hybrid technology in vehicles are significantly decrease fuel economy and emissions. Hybrid Technology based on using two sources of power to propel the vehicle wheels, the main source is Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) or fuel cell and second source is energy storage units, in case of Electric Hybrid Vehicle (EHV) using batteries, in Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle (HHV) using hydraulic accumulate units.

Advantages of the Hydro-key CVT (HK-CVT):

  • Power density – the hydraulic motor has up to 8 time’s higher power density than electric motor.
  • Saving weight & cost – gearbox, differential, torque converter or clutch, drive-shaft, steering system all those subsystems are taken out they aren’t exist in HK-CVT vehicle system.
  • Utilize brake energy – HK-CVT system harvest the brake energy and redeployed the energy immediately.
  • Operate the engine at optimal regime – system support ICE to work according optimal efficiency curve.
  • Autonomy Vehicle – easy and simplified to integrate HK-CVT system in autonomous vehicle. Both systems are computerized and therefore they can communicate and HK-CVT system does not need additional mechanical assemblies to drive the vehicle.

Comparison HK-CVT (hydraulic hybrid vehicle)
drivetrain concept to a conventional vehicle

HK-CVT hydraulic hybrid vehicle Concept

Conventional Vehicle

Renewable Energy

Currently wind turbine energy characterized by the high costs associated with installation and maintenance, the capital costs of offshore wind farms are higher than that of onshore wind farms by more 50%, it faces challenges yet to improve reliability and cut costs. Recent research literature indicate that implementing fluid power transmission in wind turbine system contribute for reliability and cut costs. Any industry where robust machinery is required to handle large torques, the hydraulic drive systems are applied. Hydraulic have superior power density, simplified and Cost-effective.

Managing Energy storage system

Wind energy sources suffer from intermittency and that they are often not available when the demand is high as we can see at sampling wind power chart below. Wind energy tends to be more abundant at night when power demand is low.

Smart storage system management can provide stable electricity production and predictable amount power by storing excess energy and releasing it when the demand is greater than supply at reasonable cost.

Standalone 600KW HK-CVT Wind Turbine System

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